Bernadette Connors is a household name in the township of Georgina for good reason. Whether it’s at her family owned music store, or on stages across North America, Bernadette can be found sharing her gift and bringing music to the people.


For over 2 decades Bernadette has been wowing audiences with her voice and stage presence, often surprising audience members who express that they didn’t expect a sound so big to come from someone so small. 


Bernadette’s style is truly authentic and pays no attention to what conformities the industry demands. She has developed a style that showcases her dynamic and expressive vocal range, earnest and emotional lyrics, and playful interpretation of song-craft.


Bernadette has achieved many milestones in her career, having songs spun on CBC radio and placed in programming on the W network. Primary radio has been active in promoting her as an artist and has expressed that they are eagerly awaiting her new releases.


The (un released) full length album “Monarch” touches on the magic of small town Ontario and highlights the importance of one’s local community. The project was truly a communal effort with local business, politicians, and community members coming together to bring the music to fruition. Bernadette gives back to her community with the song “Georgina”, which gives the world a glimpse into what makes the small Ontario town so special.


Her new music has a unique, yet classic sound that’s been missing in Canada, and can truly be described as Canadiana. Featuring Canada’s top musicians, and a voice that sounds just as good on stage as it does on the recording, Bernadette takes listeners on an intimate and exciting journey that resonates with listeners of all ages. #StayTuned