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Voice Coaching

- Improve Overall Vocal Health 
- Increase Range 
- Develop Breath Control 
- Experience Effortless Singing
- Create Consistency 
- Learn more ways you can be dedicated to your vocal practice.

The Full Story

I've been coaching voices for a long time... 20 years! It's hard to believe at 34 I've gained that much experience, but that's what happens when your family owns a music store :) 

I've recently moved to Hamilton, and am looking to build my own community of aspiring singers to work with.

If you're looking to express your voice, whether it's for personal reasons, or, to refine your technique for stage, I'm here for you. I have some fantastic tools that I use for my singing, that I'd be happy to share with you. I offer classes on zoom at the moment, and am looking forward to connecting in person, and having some special events as this community grows. 

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